Away from comfort zone….

Its been 3 weeks now on my new job. A completely different environment and different job scope. Somehow i am still unable to cope with the job yet. May be because it is a totally different thing? Or it is to much to learn? or am i giving myself lots of stress?Lately I am being very uneasy that every morning wakes up and thinking about the job.. these uneasy feelings is just so irritates. Somekind of feelings like “worry”. What am i worry about? WIll i be able to cope with it? thats what i am worrying. Though i am still learning a lot everyday. But still like so much to learn., everyone there was like so expert and i am the only which taking things slowly to understand it.

Or izzit my own requirements towards myself is high? which i wanted to learns that 2 weeks stuff within 2 days? 

May be this is the transition periods of getting away from comfort zone process, where things getting tougher and tougher….  and i am draining away…..

been working long hours…  everyday for sure more than 9 hours which is more than average of working hours.

Sometimes people ask me, do you enjoy your new work? how is your new job? I just cant answer them easily….. cause even me myself unable to answer it myself. If i enjoy, i won’t be having those kind of feelings…. It is very unhealthy to have that kind of mood towards work though. But that feeling comes in everyday when i wakes up, and will gone once i reaches the office and start working. Hmmm weird….

What is work life balance? This is worklife inbalance and emotional breakdown.

Lately also unable to sleep well… izzit because of stress which i am pushing myself too much? I just cant tell.

Anyhow, have to endure……… ….. … .. . 

Life is not that easy though..



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